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    Move Outlook 2007 to new PC with Outlook 365

    I'm avg. IT guy, not Office expert. Setting up a new Windows 10 that I'll install a new Office 365. Old PC has Office 2007. Only concerned with Outlook. Is there a neat how to on moving the 2007 data to the new PC on Outlook 365? Pete
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    Outlook 365 keeps closing

    Outlook 365 on Windows 10. While using, Outlook will suddenly close. No message, no warning. It may happen at any time, not when I am only performing a specific task. I finally found a cause in the Event Viewer, Administrative Events. I've done all the repairs that I would normally use without...
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    Outlook 2010 keeps asking for username and password

    New Windows 7 setup. Clean new install. Same with Office Pro Academic 2010 Nothing in Credentials When setting up a new gmail or comcast account, a box up asking for username and password. I'm using pop settings. Neither responded to imap. Pete
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    Move from Outlook 2007 Enterprise (MOE) to Outlook Pro plus 2007

    I have a corrupt and screwed up Outlook 2007 Enterprise on a Windows 10 PC. Folders were deleted, (Sent, Deleted, and others), other problems. I've tried he repair, tried removing and reinstalling it, command /resetfolders, and more. Client does not have any of the original installation media. I...