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    Restoring emails

    I know financial obligations are never the best option, but there is data recovery software out there. i don't want to promote it, but if you need it let me know and I can give you a little more info.
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    Unable to send message with attachment

    It sounds like you are trying to attach a file from another device maybe? This is kind of odd, but if indeed this is the case you just need to make sure your cloud connections are broken and the full file is reachable on the system you are using.
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    CPA/Microsoft 2007 - Overlaid Calendars: printing workweek only

    Diane, Do you have to go in with the code for this one? I could have sworn there were printing options that allow for a more basic user to simply click away to determine day restrictions.
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    Emailing Calendars Created in Outlook Calendar Printing Assistant

    Export it to a PDF, this will give you the most accurate conversion. Then just do as mentioned above, the file is just a simple attachment.
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    mails in my inbox of outlook 2007 tend to go missing after I read them

    Mail is never lost forever, it is always stored in a server no matter the client. This is one of the first things you learn in business. Anything you send can be dug up from the grave.