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    Mod to Print Category Colors on Calendar Using CPA

    So you are saving a calendar in the CPA and editing the file before printing, not editing the template (catx) file ? I'd like to change it in the template so i can just print and be done with it.
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    How many email address fields should each contact have?

    I waffled between 3 and 5 and settled on 3 because I don't want addresses I never send mail to in the address book. (I use the To button when i address email much too often.) I have some friends with addresses on every service and they don't use most of them for email, so why should I fill my...
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    How to select different account when sending emails from Outlook 2003

    DL = distribution list (hope I spelled it correctly). GAL = global address list - this is the address list of all mailboxes on your exchange server The admin needs to create the DL in the active directory on the Exchange server; its not a Contact group a user can create in their mailbox.