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    Export task list view settings to other pc

    My fault, it must be set view=application.activeexplorer.currentfolder.currentview
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    How to Move Mail item after processing

    The "Inbox" variable is not declared, and neither that one nor the "myInbox" variable is set to any folder.
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    How to Move Mail item after processing

    What`s the error message saying?
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    Export task list view settings to other pc

    To write the view into an email, replace everything within the first If and last End IF by this one: Dim Mail as MailItem set mail=application.createitem(0) mail.body=sourcefolder.currentview.xml mail.save Make sure there´s only the view definition in the body, no signature etc. This one saves...
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    Export task list view settings to other pc

    This sample shows how to read the view by VBA: Copy Folder Views - VBOffice You could, for instance, write the xml property to the body of an email. However, with this approach you´d need to install a macro to import from the email on all the users computers. Not sure, if that´d accelerate anything.
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    Forward Appointment as BCC with VBScript

    A small change does it. You cannot set the type for all recipients at once but have to do it for each single recipient. dim r as recipient set r=Appt.Recipients.Add ("xxxx@yyyyyy.zz") r.Type = olBCC
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    Folder tools

    This macro finds a folder by its name: Find a Folder by its Name - VBOffice
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    Execute Add-In Button from VBA Outlook 2016

    Outlook 2016 doesn`t support the Commandbar anymore. If the Addin doesn´t support a public method to call that function, you cannot call it.
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    Working with Explorer.Close event

    It just notifies the Addin that Outlook is going to close.
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    Can VBA intervene when updating Internet Calendars?

    Sorry, I`ve never used any internet calendars. If the calendar is listed anywhere under send/receive groups, then see the events of the SyncObject, which is accessible via Session.SyncObjects(x). If such a calendar is updated constantly, maybe the ItemChange event of the Folder.Items object is...
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    Working with Explorer.Close event

    You can try to set RequireShutdownNotification in the registry for the VBA Addin, add that key to the Addin with a dword value of 1.
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    Hubby and Wife names in email address

    You can change the DisplayName on the contact card, the field below the email address.
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    Saving items under a folder

    Have you considered using categories instead of folders?
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    Outlook 2010 Disable or hide "reply" and "reply to all" and "forward" in email from access vba

    See: How to easily disable Reply To All and Forward in Outlook - Scott Hanselman
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    Received mail as part of DL, need to auto-CC the same when replying

    Track the NewInspector event. If the To property of the new item is already set and the EntryID is empty, then it´s either a reply or a reply to all. Add your dl to the recipients property of the new item. Additionally, since Outlook 2013 you´ll also want to track the InlineResponse event.
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    Outlook 2010 Open an outlook email by Subject on MS Access linked table with VBA

    You need to use the Set statement as you did on the line above the error causing line.
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    Outlook 2010 Macro for attachment saved and combine

    Creating or moving emails is possible as well as adding attachments. I just don´t understand yet what you want to do. Do you want to save an attachment from an email to the file system?