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  1. Diane Poremsky

    Conditional Formatting based on Department of person received from?

    Nothing in the address identifies the school? if they use format for addresses or the display names use Name (building) format, you could use either of them. I have a macro that will categorize mail based on the contact's category. Then use the category to set the...
  2. Diane Poremsky

    Move calendar invites to new calendar

    I added a macro to this page - Create a List of Meeting Attendees and Responses It adds the invitee information to the body - if you want, you can update the members after the meeting is moved.
  3. Diane Poremsky

    Outlook 2010 Unable to Edit Contact Information in Certain Contact Folders

    Did you import the contacts? Try restarting Outlook using the resetfolders switch. Close Outlook. Right-click on the Start button and choose Run or press Windows key + R to open the Run command. Type or paste the following into the Open field and press Enter or click OK to restart Outlook...
  4. Diane Poremsky

    Move calendar invites to new calendar

    Interesting. It looks like the 'responses won't be tallied' message is retroactive. What I would do before moving - select all in the Tracking page and copy, paste into the notes field so you have a record of the responses and can manually update them if desired. I have a macro that copies...
  5. Diane Poremsky

    Move calendar invites to new calendar

    The second part - not autoupdating - is to be expected because the event isn't on your default calendar. I will test the tracking - i dont think that should happen.
  6. Diane Poremsky

    "Tabs from (eg) 5 May, 18 May and 17 June" in Favourites

    Ah... now i see. I thought you meant in Outlook. :) Those are tab groups you saved as bookmarks - right click on a tab and choose add to favorites. it creates a folder with todays date in it and saves all open tabs to favorites. if they dont get reported, they won't receive coaching (and...
  7. Diane Poremsky

    To do bar help

    The yellow notes? No, you cant use a different editor - they are severely limited in what is supported.
  8. Diane Poremsky

    Move calendar invites to new calendar

    Hmm. Moving (not import or copy) should work... do they stay appointments but lose accepted / decline tracking or turn into appointments? New responses will not autoupdate - you'll need to do that yourself.
  9. Diane Poremsky

    To do bar help

    Those are grouping by the Priority field.
  10. Diane Poremsky

    Composingemails in reading pane

    If composing in a new windows, Options > Save message to and select the folder. When using reading pane compose, this option is not available (and I don't see it in the All commands list to add to the ribbon.)
  11. Diane Poremsky

    What's supposed to appear when just clicking into the search field?

    it looks like when I select something from the dropdown in the Search field above the message list (my first screenshot) these keys are written to the registry. They are part of the new search "experience" - and oddly, I finally 'found' some of the recent searches...
  12. Diane Poremsky

    What's supposed to appear when just clicking into the search field?

    Some of the keys are stored in the registry - I have a list here: Clearing Outlook's Most Recently Used (MRU) Lists - the mail search is the list under recent searches, not the dropdown. Now you've made me curious as to where those values are stored. :) (possibly in the mailbox or data file.)
  13. Diane Poremsky

    What's supposed to appear when just clicking into the search field?

    I think it should be 6 - but most of my accounts only show 3... but yeah, its not showing my most recent searches in the search dropdown - the Recent search button is showing the recent searches for all mailboxes.
  14. Diane Poremsky

    What's supposed to appear when just clicking into the search field?

    You should see the 6 most recent searches you did in that mailbox (assuming you have more than one account) . Some of my account have 3 listing - this one has 6. The petco search had to have been an all mailbox search - that mail goes to another mailbox. This screenshot is from the insider...
  15. Diane Poremsky

    Exporting email (.pst)

    As in Read and Unread? You can export both (and will if you dont use a filter). You can set a filter to only export read messages if desired.
  16. Diane Poremsky

    Rule to move (specific) messages from Sent folder to Specific folder

    You can use VBA - or you could use Instant search (or a Search folder) to find the messages then select all, move to folder if its not something you need to do a lot. I don't think i have any macros written specifically to do that, but i do have some that move messages that could easily be...
  17. Diane Poremsky

    Remove extra line above signature in reply

    It's probably because the body has an extra line above it in the body. Actually, by the looks of it, there are two lines... is there anything in the message body besides the signature and what you add via code? .HTMLbody = "<html><body><p>Dear " & Cells(iRow, 2).Value & "," & "<br>" & "<br>"...
  18. Diane Poremsky

    Outlook Contact Manager - A viable successor?

    Tool: I don't know about Microsoft, but there is a tool, created by an outlook mvp. BCM Migration Assistant I have OCM - its not as robust as BCM IMHO, but is serviceable. The big issue is you need a business premium account - this includes both office software and services. You can't get it...
  19. Diane Poremsky

    Outlook 2016 - adding account creates a new/strange address

    In Settings - - Microsoft free personal email - what do you have set for the default email address? If the account was in your profile before you added the alias and set it as primary, you may need to remove it from the profile and add it back.
  20. Diane Poremsky

    Meeting Invite arrives from Wrong ("send-as") Sender

    As long as she is creating it on the ED's calendar, it should go out from the ED. Is it being added to the AED's calendar instead of the ED's calendar?