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    Conditional Formatting based on Department of person received from?

    This macro adds the company info to the email: Join Email with Contact Data - VBOffice
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    Check for words in subject header before sending email

    then useif instr(strsubject, "what you´re looking for")=0 then...
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    Check for words in subject header before sending email

    Use strsubject = lcase$(item.subject) to make it case insensitive.
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    Outlook Macro to show Flagged messages

    I don´t remember if Outlook 2003 already exposed the View object. Check it, please: Open the objet browser (alt+f11), select Explorer left hand and see of it has the property 'CurrentView' available in the window right hand. If so, you can press f1; the help file contains a sample for changing...
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    Run macro automatically at sending an email

    simply place the name of the macro you wanna call into the shown ItemSend procedure.
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    Run macro automatically at sending an email

    Add Private Sub Application_ItemSend(ByVal Item As Object, Cancel As Boolean) launch the macro here End Sub to the ThisOutlookSession module.
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    What is the best EntryID format to set on MS Access table

    Yes, the length of the IDs vary. And afaik there´s no limit.
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    What is the best EntryID format to set on MS Access table

    If you read that data from an Outlook item vua the OOM, you get a string.
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    Calling a Public sub-routine from the script editor via VB script

    You can try this syntax ThisOutlookSession.Forward If that doesn´t work either, it´s probably blocked for security reasons. An alternative would be to move the method to a module (not a class module).
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    Deleted Items - Unable to Iterate All of Items

    Most likely the remaining items are not mail items.
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    Macro to add multiple recipients to message

    NewInspector and Inspector_Activate - VBOffice
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    IMP.Note Versus REPORt.IPM.NOte

    Add the new condition to the If line with an OR
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    Macro to add multiple recipients to message

    You could solve that somewhat easily with Outlook VBA only if Adobe directly calls Outlook to create the email. I doubt this is the case. More likely is that Adobe sends the call to create the email to an underlying mechanism that creates the email no matter which email app you´re using. In this...
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    IMP.Note Versus REPORt.IPM.NOte

    Which code are you referring to?
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    Outlook 2010 Can you set reminder to specific times?

    If you right click the email to add a reminder, there´s two dropdown boxes, one for choosing the date, one for the time.
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    Import contacts to a shared mailbox

    See the GetItems function. There call olNs.GetSharedDefaultFolder and pass the mailbox´email address.
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    Auto-export mail to Excel

    Matt, look at the code for all objects that belong to Excel and not to Outlook like Application or Sheets. For instance, when running in Outlook, Application points to Outlook instead of Excel. And Outlook´s Application object doesn´t know a ScreenUpdating property. You need to use variables to...
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    Import Categories from Outlook 2003

    Phil, I`m myself behind VBOffice. If you only need to sync the master category list (mcl) once, you can use the mentioned addin, which is free for 30 days. The described process of importing the *.reg file is limited to only 10 categories during the free trial period; a limitation that was...
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    Import Categories from Outlook 2003

    Since the Upgrade to Color Categories option can only find categories assigned to items in the pst file it maybe doesn´t restore all the master category list. Category-Manager can import the all the categories from the Registry . Open the registry editor, and navigate to...
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    Delete Emails from Senders in Shared Mailbox

    You need to set the variable "mynamespace" before using it. Right now it is set three lines after the one that throws the error.