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    Tasks - Is there a postponed date column?

    Say I have task and set it to postpone, for instance, 4 days. Is there a column that I can select that will show this postponed date? Thanks.
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    The page that you are trying to access cannot be loaded.

    When clicking on a link within an email I sometimes below error: Due to an internal error, this web page could not be loaded. We recommend that you close this page. Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection has encountered an error. In this example, when clicking on the URL in the mail, the URL...
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    How come default profile changed?

    More or less by coincidence I came across a Youtube video about editing Outlook profiles. see: How to edit Outlook's Profile Following those steps I noticed that my default profile changed. I set up Outlook to be using my Outlook Exchange account as default, but now noticed it changed to...
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    Outlook 365 - Toolbar - Close all items - missing?

    AFAIK there was a button on the toolbar, something like : Close all items. Can't find it - how to reinstate it? Thanks.
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    Outlook 365 - Tasks are not synchronizing?

    Is it correct that tasks that I have postponed within Outlook 365 on my desktop PC show up within Outlook on my laptop? Seems that part of Outlook isn't synchronizing then, i.e. I am getting quit a list of some items on my laptop. Thanks.
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    Delete duplicate emails - subscription notifications

    AFAIK the current tools/scripts check on entire duplicates, i.e. title, size, date-time stamp, etc. That is correct. Another category of duplicates are those of notifications on subscribed forum threads. So, from forum XYZ with contents that merely exists of 'userx has replied on .. ' click on...
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    Outlook 2016 This rule will only run when you check your email in Outlook....

    After I created a rule I get a pop-up reading: "This rule will only run when you check your email in Outlook. If Outlook isn't running, this rule won't work for email you check online or from another device" Unsure what it means. It is only with this rule. (Client only is added to the rule...
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    Outlook 2016 Double line spacing - solved with minor drawback

    On Internet there are numerous threads on the issue of double line spacing when sending mails to Gmail back and forth. I had a macro running to solve that. Though the macro is still in place, after changing to Office 365, it stopped working. see: Run macro automatically at sending an email...
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    Outlook 365 ignores ForceOSTpath - how to relocate it?

    Applied ForceOSTpath before changing from POP3 to IMAP Initially... indeed the .ost file was located in a folder that has been defined by me (N:\Outlook) Note: "N" is not a network drive in this case. I just checked but Outlook seemed to have decided to relocate the .ost file to C: again...
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    How to recover rules after switch from POP3 to IMAP

    Office 365 After switching from POP3 to IMAP all rule have gone. Within Outlook folder tree the 'old' PST still there (just renamed like Likewise, I also renamed the actual .pst. Is there a way to recover those rules? Sadly I didn't back them up: didn't...
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    Office 365 Outlook - mark to download

    Under 'Send/Receive' there is an item 'Mark to Download' I wonder what it does. Have not tried it - vainly searched for info on this. As opposed to POP3 there is no 'Leave on server for xx days'. I always want to keep all my mails. For me that is important. I used to save mails in archive PST...
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    How to apply view settings on all accounts and folders

    Today changed to IMAP (used good old POP3). A result is that all settings are gone. Within each and every mailbox the columns are defaulted, preview is enabled, etc. And of course tasks are gone, rules are gone. Is there a way to apply view settings overall? Or, hopefully, at least for all...
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    Benefits of Exchange over IMAP and why would I choose Exchange?

    It is often said that Exchange is the best choice. In fact, when setting up Outlook, it more or less defaults to Exchange : entering email and password - that's it. IMAP even requires an 'advanced' setup and entering server addresses. From what I know Exchange is a business solution with...
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    Office 365 using POP3 on both laptop and desktop

    I strongly prefer the use of POP3 protocol = the use of .PST files Outlook of Office 365 on multiple devices is using IMAP and .OST files. This is the reason for me -not- to subscribe to Office 365. Currently I don't have a laptop to check it, but I think I might have a solution with regards...
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    Run macro automatically at sending an email

    Found a macro that replaces hard returns with soft returns As known the use of hard returns causes double line spacing when exchanging mail with gmail. (I know... there is a AutoHotKey solution. For a while, it worked fine for me. Then it stopped and I couldn't get it going anymore. Couldn't...
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    Outlook 2016 Using .OST and .PST mail thru different providers

    Just wondering only... Right now I am using Office 2016 with POP3 and PST. That has been working well for 20 years: my first Office being Office 1997. (Before that I was using Eudora, that used .mbx files) I have multiple accounts, with mail coming via Outlook, Gmail (2x) and a 3rd one using...
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    Outlook 2016 Reminder due end of August is showing up now

    Weird: I have a reminder set to Aug. 31, 2018, but it keeps on popping up telling me that it is overdue by 13 weeks. It is something that needs a follow up by date date. Never had this before. Can't see anything special. Any ideas? Else I will create a new one and set this one to completed.
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    Windows 1803 update : QAT and toolbar changed, language pack gone...

    Funny, the day before yesterday I managed to update Windows 10 x64 to 1803. I believe yesterday the Outlook toolbar was still the same. Today I noticed that the toolbar was changed: a button 'Archive' was added (I can not remove that in the settings, greyed out) and a button 'Speech'. Outlook...
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    Macro - paste as plain text

    Up front: I am -not- an expert on macros/VBA, or, better said, I have no knowledge of it at all. I want to paste clipboard text as unformatted, plain text. Regretfully the VBA code from a recorded macro that I use in Excel could not be used. Found an old thread (Outlook 2007 Macro: Paste -...
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    How to display senders email address (column)

    I would like to have sender's email address displayed, next to the name. When using email, email 2 and email 3, nothing is displayed. Maybe because the mails are old? Maybe because the account that I used at the time does not exist anymore? I also have a question regarding the names displayed...