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  1. Diane Poremsky

    Created a new user account and the local account cannot see email

    Do you have a view set that would hide the messages? Are the calendar and contact syncing? Do the messages sync if you click F9 or Send & Receive ?
  2. Diane Poremsky

    How can I change my calendar view back

    1. See the bar under the April calendar, above the tasks folder? Slide it up to remove one calendar. I don't think you can remove both... you only see them in this view because a calendar folder is selected. 2. It look like you are using Words for the modules, not icons - so hover the mouse...
  3. Diane Poremsky

    How to apply view settings on all accounts and folders

    You're welcome. :) I'm curious about whatsapp - was it hijacking Alt+F11 or actually blocking the VB Editor?
  4. Diane Poremsky

    Edit subject - and change conversationTopic - using VBA and redemption

    On this, the process that adds the tag should check to see if the tag is present, if yes, then don't add it again. Have you tried saving after you change the subject? Then change the conversation... or only save once: objRDOitem.Save Set objRDOitem = Nothing Item.Save
  5. Diane Poremsky

    Cannot Find Shared Database on Remote Computer

    Which OS is on the desktop? Microsoft accounts are problematic because you need to use it on both computers. I have steps here - Configuring BCM to share a SQL server database
  6. Diane Poremsky

    Help with dates in task list.

    BTW, you could import from a CSV too - export from tasks to get the fields then use ut as a template. Formulas can handle the dates - you wouild just need to fill in a few fields and the initial date.
  7. Diane Poremsky

    Outlook 365 Searching all shared calendars

    This is probably messy code (since I put several macros together) but it should work - and might need tweaked a bit more. It asks for a keyword to search for then searches for recent appointments containing that word in the body or subject. Like the print calendar I used as the base, you need...
  8. Diane Poremsky

    Help with dates in task list.

    I have this macro to create a new series - Create a Series of Tasks using VBA I don't (currently) have one that changes the date on existing tasks but i have some ideas on how to do it. I'll see if i can make it work.
  9. Diane Poremsky

    Outlook 365 Searching all shared calendars

    Possibly. This macro - replacing the copy code with search - should work: Combine and Print Multiple Outlook Calendars
  10. Diane Poremsky

    Help with dates in task list.

    You could do it with a macro - or you can type + 3w or +21d after the date in the date field and jump ahead. (Bad screenshot example since I didnt use the same date in each.) The only real issue is you need to edit 30 tasks... for that, a macro would be faster. I'm not sure if i have one that...
  11. Diane Poremsky

    Outlook 2019 having issues with 'people search' and not making suggestions in email To: etc

    Open the address book, then go to it's tools > options. Set the search order to custom and arrange the contacts folders in the order of folder with the most contacts. That should solve the check names problem, although it shouldn't be a problem if the contacts folder is enabled as an address...
  12. Diane Poremsky

    How To Merge Contact Info to Email Custom Form Template

    You'll need to use mail merge or a macro to set the name, or type it yourself. Here are some sample macros to automate the emails - Create a deferred Birthday message for an Outlook Contact Send an Email When a Reminder Fires
  13. Diane Poremsky

    Outlook 2010 Problems connecting to BCM

    BCM is Windows only - it will not install on a mac.
  14. Diane Poremsky

    Outlook 2019 having issues with 'people search' and not making suggestions in email To: etc

    It should work but sounds like the auto complete list might be corrupt - that is assuming it used to work. It's also possible an update cleared the autocomplete list - the timing fits with the latest released update.
  15. Diane Poremsky birthdays show up 1 day late on iPhone contacts list

    It's not all microsoft's fault. It has to do how each platform handles birthdays and the way iphone syncs.
  16. Diane Poremsky

    Outlook Task View - Table Format - Customize Reminder Time to Drop-Down Selection

    No, if the field does not have a dropdown, you can't add one. You can use shortcuts- 9a or 3p or 1.30 for 'today at' or 2w 3p for 2 weeks for now, at 3 pm. 2d 4p = 2 days from now, 4 pm. Normal date shortcuts, like 3/10 3p also work.
  17. Diane Poremsky

    Move email items based on a list of email addresses

    Sort into different folders by sender domain using Rules? Yes - use either words in email address or words in header, where the words are the domain. If you want to sort within the inbox or another folder, you need to use vba to get the domains and add to the view.
  18. Diane Poremsky

    New guy at a loss

    Well, they do... its called Exchange server. :) Companionlink is the best IMHO, if you arent using an Exchange account.
  19. Diane Poremsky

    Importing business card into Outlook for SIgnature

    I'm not aware of anyway to insert a pdf into a message - only attach it. I would use an image and map it - HTML map tag
  20. Diane Poremsky

    New guy at a loss

    There are 2 ways to sync calendar and contacts: using an exchange account (including and using a 3rd party utility such as companionlink or gsyncit to sync with the gmail calendar & contacts.