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    How do you manage "mini-projects?"

    Thanks for the insights. I've started to do just that, to a degree. I am in complete agreement with your "stone age" assessment. I have discovered one additional half-solution. If you copy an email into the task notes, you can later open that message and do a "Find Related Items" search to...
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    How do you manage "mini-projects?"

    I am barraged on a daily basis, by what I call "mini-projects." These are questions or requests that have many pieces like a project, but only last for a day or so. They are too numerous and too short-lived to assign them a category the way you'd manage a big project. Example: Jim and his...
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    Do you drag messages to create appointments?

    Using 2010, and use this feature a lot - not happy to hear I'll lose this in the 2013 upgrade. I would estimate that about 95% of the time, the message I'm dragging to the calendar should have been created as a meeting request to begin with. Done this way, nothing needs to be moved, just...
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    Do you use the reading pane on the bottom or right?

    Reading panes on the bottom for messages, but on the right for tasks. I get things out of my inbox quickly, so that list is never very long, and the reading pane at the bottom can be bigger allowing me to see more of the message at a time. My task list, where a lot of things end up, gets...
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    Linking Contacts to a Message Where the Contact isn't an Addressee

    I work in a busy Human Resources office where emails are sent back and forth about individuals. I have each of these "clients" listed in a contact list and use the contacts/activities to track emails to and from each client. However, in many cases I send notes to other offices asking about a...