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  1. Peter H Williams

    How to Move Mail item after processing

    It has been suggested that all my tasks be included in a VBA script rather than some items in the Outlook rule and others in the script. I am now trying to do just that. Put simply I take the Outlook.item (containing words in the Subject) and save the body to a file available for processing on...
  2. Peter H Williams

    VBA & Outlook 2007

    I have used vba with EXCEL extensively but want to write a small macro / script that operates from a RULE in Outlook. Simply check all incoming mail and if 'something' is in subject line then execute - i.e. extract data from body and write to a txt file for processing elsewhere. I have...
  3. Peter H Williams

    check for new email automaticlly

    I have recently rebuilt my computer after a disk failure. I reinstalled Outlook 2007 and imported all my information (lost all my rules and can't find a way to copy them for this situation). I have set all accounts to check every 15 minutes but appears to be ignored. I just have to regularly...