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    VBA Code to extract data from an Outlook Form

    Hi, I have designed an outlook form for people to populate (It has several tabs and multiple data is populated in each tab) and send to another team. I already have a MACRO that extracts data from the old emails that is held in the email body however now I would like to tweak the MACRO to...
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    IF AND Validation Formulas in Custom Form

    Hi, I am a Newbie to Outlook Custom Forms and I want to know if it is possible to use a IF AND formula in the validation tab under properties. What I want to happen is, If the user has selected Bloomberg in the platform field and the Clearing Applicable field is Blank then to throw up a...
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    How intelligent can you make a form?

    I want to create an outlook form where a set of questions will change depending on the answer to the first question. is this possible and if so how should I best go about it? I have started playing around with a message form and have currently got different tabs for the user to fill in...