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    BCM database scheme

    new Folder to download the scheme: Dropbox - BCM
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    Scroll Crash

    ideas would be helpful. Same issue in our company. Additionally it crashes when hiding or fading in a column (sometimes).
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    issue changing [Type] in dbo.ContactMainTable/ contacts seem to be deleted

    thanks Diane, but why it does that only in a few cases (not more than 2-3 contacts are being changed in a month in that way)? we sync every 30 minutes... For excluding the cause you mentioned I change the sql statement for only syncing the type '1' datasets.
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    issue changing [Type] in dbo.ContactMainTable/ contacts seem to be deleted

    yes indeed, we use "Outlook Sync DB" by "Andreas Schultz Software" to sync the BCM contacts (type '7'/ projects excluded) with the "my contacts" folder of the exchange accounts. He assured us that the type field isn't been synchronised within the sql statement. Is there any type filed at all in...
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    issue changing [Type] in dbo.ContactMainTable/ contacts seem to be deleted

    Dear BCM users, we have a newer issue with our BCM contacts: accounts seem to be deleted. when looking in the dbo.ContactMainTable the account dataset is still there, but with the wrong Type. Instead of Type 2 (account contact) the Type is changed to 1 (business contact). Outlook does not...
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    How do I get the database tool to recognize my data file?

    1. The BCM database has to be created over the Outlook addin 2. the BCM database tool is only for installing and managing a shared database on a remote server 3. If runnning in your local macine goto Outlook - file - business Contact Manager - manage databse - create new; after that got to...
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    client addin deletes all business contacts

    This issue is the heaviest i recognized since we started to use the BCM: Everytime my collegue starts outlook and the BCM Addin, nearly all business contacts are deleted (except 4). Accounts are not deleted. I deactivated the Addin on the client cause I'm not able to find a solution or the...
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    link multiple emails to one project in one way

    Is it possible to link multiple Emails from the inbox to a project in one way? My Collegue is on holliday and another has to manage the project in between
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    BCM - Weird behaviour

    yes the phone numbers. its the most irritating for our back-office
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    Need help with installation of BCM in Outlook2013

    click the question mark for getting the log-information are the sql installations shown as in the picture?
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    [SOLVED] Accessing User Defined Fields in BCM Database part 1

    Does anyone know how to cast the YesNo "Datatype"? Would be heplful for Access. I have to use access because i just prepare standard queries and our back-office has the task to cutomize it/ set the conditions/criteria. Additional: think its 16-bit boolean
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    Need help with installation of BCM in Outlook2013

    do you know if there was an installation of the sql server before installing bcm? maybe there was a 64 bit version preinstalled on the Win8 OS. We had conflicts on serveral machines where SQL Server was already installed by other Software but not in the version which is included in the BCM...
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    BCM 2013 in Outlook 2013 will not load

    sorry that my post will not help you efficiently, but: ever prefer the 32 bit installation of MS Office, even when running a 64 bit os. Actually Microsoft itself recommends this.
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    How to show the "value" of a user-defined Account field in a Contact Record

    think there is no way to realize this directly in BCM. The only way is to connect to the database and make an sql query on the related tables. for understanding the structure, load the db scheme I generated:
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    BCM - Weird behaviour

    after generating the database scheme via schemaSpy ( i think the problem isnt to be found in the Addin itself but in one of the views tables which has wrong columns labels. If that is right, a fix could be quite difficult, cause...
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    BCM database scheme

    Hello again, I generated the database scheme of the BCM database with schemaSpy. Download, unzip and start index.html in /BCM_Prod: hint: If you want to access the "userfields" via MS Access you have to cast the binary field...
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    Help Getting Started?

    Hi Demetria, did you check the backstage area of BCM? Goto "file - BCM" then check if BCM is activated (like in the first screenshot). if not (second screenshot), activate it.
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    save custom user settings/ views

    think it must be saved within the database, cause when i switch between our two instances "BCM_test" and "BCM_prod" i have git two different views irrespective from the used outlook profile. The confusing thing is that when I rollback an old backup with the BCM DB Tool (sbb), all user...
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    Second and Third email fields?

    I think it's not possible to show the fields email2 and email3 in the report. I use an access frontend and connect to our remote database (mirrored db instance of the productive db) when I'm planing to make a report. Here I can combine related tabels/ make a query with the foreign key...
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    save custom user settings/ views

    Hello together, does anyone know if there's a way to save and restore user settings for BCM, especially the views/ shown columns, sort sequence, etc.? After databse recovery all these settings are gone. Is there a table with settings or is it saved in the Outlook profile? thanks Tobias