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    Extract Data From Outlook Tasks

    Hi, I have a lot of "recurring" Tasks in Outlook. I recently discovered that I "lost" one of them, simply because I had not selected "no end date" on the recurring task. My question is this- 1) Is there a way or tool to extract a report of tasks with recurrences, so that I can check the "end...
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    Inbox Sub-Folder - Web

    I have noticed a sub-folder in my inbox, which is called Web. I have no idea how it got there, what it is used for, how it gets populated or how to manage/delete it (or even if I should)
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    Outlook 2016 Migrating Profile/Account Settings To New PC for Outlook 2016

    Thanks Diane. I'll set up manually rather than use the registry. I was hoping Microsoft would have devised a more automated way to do this, as I have 4 accounts and it's a bit labour intensive.
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    Outlook 2016 Migrating Profile/Account Settings To New PC for Outlook 2016

    I am buying a new PC and I want to copy my profile/account settings to my new computer before I install Office 365. I usually set these up in:- Control Panel Mail (Microsoft Outlook 2013) (32-bit) I have several e-mail addresses and to set up from scratch is quite cumbersome. Is this possible...
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    Remove Old Location From Tasks Pane

    I'm using Outlook 2016. Some time ago, I changed my e-mail account from Yahoo to Outlook. I use POP3 (.pst files). At that time I simply moved all my tasks (I think I simply did a drag and drop, or a cut and paste) from my Yahoo to my Outlook. When I now go to my Tasks view, I can still see my...
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    Copying Outlook Account Setup For Desktop App

    I'm not sure I understand Diane. I use anm additional .pst called "Personal Folders". It us used to store e-mails that I wish to keep for records (I don't like leaving in mu Inbox, so either delete or move to my Personal Folders". I have set up my e-mail accounts in Outlook (4 of them) and...
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    Copying Outlook Account Setup For Desktop App

    Hi, I decided to set up manually rather than via the Registry, BUT I've run into problems. When it came to the section where I needed to point the newly created e-mail account to the (existing) .pst file, the "browse" button would not work. I was able to proceed by manually inserting location of...
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    Copying Outlook Account Setup For Desktop App

    I use Outlook 2016 for my e-mail (I have 2 outlook addresses and 2 yahoo addresses). I also use POP3 (I know, I should be using IMAP, but that conversation is for another day). When I'm travelling I simply copy my .pst files from my home PC to my notebook and off I go. When I return, I copy...
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    Query About "Delay Delivery" Function

    I am using Outlook 2016 app (Office 2016) on my desktop computer and I want to send an e-mail at a specific date and time. I'm not sure how this works. I'm sending from a e-mail address to a (a local broadband provider). When I create the e-mail and then select...
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    Syncing to Android Phone

    Thanks Diane. I understand your second point, but that might cause other issues, which I won't go into now. For another day. To simplify the syncing with desktop and phone, lets give a simple example. Lets say there are 10 emails in the mailbox on the server and this is synced with both my...
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    Syncing to Android Phone

    I'm totally Confused!!! I use Outlook to manage all my e-mails (I have 2 e-mail addresses and 2 e-mail addresses). I use POP3 - I know, IMAP is better, but just work with this at the moment. I've just got a new smartphone and I have set up the e-mail accounts on a Samsung...
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    Outlook 2016 Changing default Mail Account in Outlook 2016 - POP3

    I have 2 POP3 e-mail accounts (one Yahoo and one Outlook) and I manage my e-mail via Outlook 2016. The Yahoo has been my default account for years. I have recently changed to Outlook address as my default and will, in time, remove the Yahoo address. My problem is where my Tasks and Calendar...
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    New Account Shows No Junk Mail Folfer

    I have created a new POP3 account in Outlook 2016. I can see the following folders (Inbox, Sent Items, Deleted Items, Outbox, Search Folders) but I notice that there is no Junk E-Mail folder. To make matters worse, when I mark a mail in the inbox as junk, it is moved to the Junk E-Mail folder of...
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    Probem with junk mail folder in new account in Outlook

    I have added a new e-mail account in Outlook (TommyRogers_Outlook). I am experiencing problems with it's junk e-mail folder. Firstly, when I right-click on the Junk Email folder and select Show In Favorites, it shows up as simply "Junk Email" (whereas the others have an addition to state which...
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    Define how my account is named

    Thanks Diane. I'm really confused. I have a small business and my e-mail address is used ONLY in connection with this. I do not use it for personal purposes. I would like my business name to appear as the "sender" when I send e-mails to clients, not my personal name. Obviously, I...
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    Define how my account is named

    I have a ****** e-mail address, which I manage vis Microsoft Outlook 2016 (POP3). I want to define the name that someone would see on an incoming mail from me e.g. I would want it to display on any incoming mails (received by my contacts) as Hotel_California. In fact, there is a...
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    Create Rule For Secondary E-Mail Address In Outlook 2016

    There is no drop-down list when I open Manage Rules and Alerts. I'm assuming that is because I have my inbox hightlighted in the left pane and it assumes that I am making a rule for that account only. For info, all three addresses are POP3.
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    Create Rule For Secondary E-Mail Address In Outlook 2016

    I am using Outlook 2016 and I have three e-mail addresses. I want to create a rule in one of my secondary e-mail inboxes. How can I do that? Also, I want to specify this rule relating to an incoming mail from a specific e-mail address (not in my address book). Thanks, T
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    Adding "Mark As Complete" btton to Task Remindet Pop-Up

    Thanks Michael & Diane. That solution will suit perfectly. T