1. J

    Outlook 2013 Extract Flag Completed dates to Excel Macro

    Hi Everyone I work in a contact centre that has started to deal with some inbound Emails and I need to count the inbound traffic by inbox/day and check whether the email was marked as complete (Flag completed Date:Time) within a given period. To achieve this I am copying and pasting from the...
  2. cimbian

    Harvesting email addresses from mail folders

    Outlook 2016 desktop connected to Office 365 I have a structured folder system where one of my product brands has a folder and every customer (by company) has its own sub-folder. I'd like to select the product folder and have a method of searching through all sub-folders to harvest the email...
  3. B

    Outlook 2010 Macro To Create Rule To Export From Certain Folder Email Information in one workbook multiple sheets

    I am trying to create a script rule that automatically exports email body information when received into a predesigned spreadsheet that is done throughout the week but daily it is updated with the info. At the end of the week a new sheet is created for the following week. The email body looks...
  4. S

    Importing emails to contacts

    I have hundreds of emails of people that I want to add to my contacts to then export and put on an access Database. Adding each contact one by one is very tedious. Is there a way to Mass-add to contacts from emails? or a way I can add all the email address contacts to an access database? I...
  5. Dr. Demento

    Outlook output to array -> Excel & re-format

    In using an awesome sub by Greg Thatcher (found here), it does a great job at extracting the information, but the output leaves much to be desired. I'm wondering if someone could help in two ways: 1) point me the the direction where I could write the output first to an array (for...