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    Outlook Subject Line Macro

    Hi Guys, Unsure if this is possible and im really new to this but is it possible to look for say a 6 digit number within the subject line and save it. Example: Subject line: math test 675439 Macro will resave over the original email as subject line 675439 Not matter where in the text the...
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    Extract email address from body and auto-reply outlook

    Hi there, I am trying to extract an email address from the body of an email and auto-reply using a template. I have an online store (www.thetechthread.com), and from time to time I receive messages from customers through a contact form. The message notification comes through shopify (The host...
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    Recover / Extract Rules from standalone PST file creating RWZ file

    I have a situation where a user upgraded from Office 2013 to Office 2016 on a Windows 8.1 x64 unit and then began having problems with their Outlook. They did some research on their own and Microsoft suggested uninstalling all Office versions and then reinstalling Office 2013 so they did. Now...