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    Outlook 2016 How to paste website content using a specific font and removing URLs

    When pasting content from a website into an email, I'd like to: a. have the links removed b. keep the layout (bullets, paragraphs) c. use Italic Times as font (so as to better distinguish from the default font, Calibri) and, if possible, d. have this as default(?) or at least 2nd paste...
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    :Managing contacts in Outlook 2016

    1) Is there a way to make Phone the default format for all contact lists in Outlook 2016? 2) Is there any way to tag or characterize contacts when I'm set up for IMAP? If not, how do I convert back to POP3 without losing any info? 3) Is there a way to automatically date new contacts as...
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    Paste from Windows Clipboard then change font without losing formatting

    I need a little help on a macro that will help simplify copying and pasting from a Console terminal window into an email and be able to keep the formatting, yet change the font. What I need to do to make it look right is paste it into the email and then change all the text to "Courier New" from...