1. Diane Poremsky

    Direct Connect to Office 365

    Diane Poremsky submitted a new article on Slipstick.com Direct Connect to Office 365 Continue reading the Original Article at Slipstick.com
  2. M

    The coming Outlook migration

    I didn't know where to put this question. I hope it's okay here. There is a lot of talk about Microsoft's migration to the new servers and the discontinuation of Windows Live Mail access to Microsoft domains. I understand the WLM part of this. But how will it affect everyone else. I use...
  3. copperberry

    Outlook 2016 Outlook 2013 (desktop) vs Outlook 365/Outlook 2016

    I'm looking for discussions comparing Outlook 2013 (desktop) with Outlook 365/Outlook 2016. I can't tell if it's too soon to expect to see information on this, or if I'm missing something: There are a lot of websites that refer to Outlook.com, but I understand that is migrating to Outlook...
  4. P

    Migrate Office 365 mailbox to a different on-premises domain

    I am wondering if there is a tool or best practice on moving about 80 Office 365 mailboxes to an on-premises domain that is different than the Office 365 domain? Think of a merger scenario of two companies and the Office 365 mailboxes and calendars need to be moved to the on-premises Exchange...