1. Mark Foley

    Where are Outlook categories save for IMAP?

    About 8 months ago I moved our email server off Exchange and imported all existing messages into IMAP. Color Categories were successfully imported, but I had to enable viewing/setting catagories in Outlook 2010 and 2013 using Diane Poremsky's excellent instuctions in Outlook Categories, Flags...
  2. U

    .pst file error at opening outlook

    Hello, I tried to open my MS Outlook 2010 and it showed me: “Cannot open your default e-mail folder. The file xxxx.pst is not a personal folders file”. I dont know what to do in such situation. I read over the Internet about ScanPST.exe, but this app didnt help me. I wasted my genius ideas...
  3. Mark Foley

    Outlook prompts for IMAP user/PW when domain PW changes

    We are using Outlook 2010 and 2013 in our office in an Active Directory environment. We use Dovecot/IMAP as the mail server on the Active Directory/Domain Controller. The Domain username and IMAP email username are the same, but the IMAP server does not use AD credentials -- there is a password...
  4. elzopi

    Outlook 2013 VBA missing Stationery Picker.

    I have some vba code that I started since Outlook 97, I have modified it through several versions all the way up to 2010, however, now I am at 2013 and it stopped working, I get an Error 91: Object variable with block variable not set. Specifically this piece of code is the culprit in 2013...
  5. mjkl

    Outlook's incorrect "from" account

    hello there ! name's michael and i would seek your help. I have 2 email addresses in my outlook 2013, but all emails are being replied from the 1st account exclusively - i must change the "from" account manually in order to correct it and i was asked to try to fix that. basically i would need...
  6. E

    Meeting reminders are set for the recipient

    Hello, This topic is about http://www.slipstick.com/exchange/meeting-reminders-are-set-for-the-recipient/. Also about...