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  1. 9

    Outlook 2016 How to save an Outlook attachment to a specific folder then delete the email it came from?

    Hello, I'm new to this forum and found a post that look similar to what I need to accomplish but I still need some assistance on how to do it since I don't have much knowledge in this field. Basically I inherited this from somebody that is no longer with my company. There used to be a job that...
  2. D

    Importing Outlook Categories from another domain (Exchange 2016/Outlook 2016)

    Hello, I am able to export Outlook Categories from one account in domain1.org, but when I import the same categories into a new account in domain2.org, the colors are not preserved and are assigned randomly. Is there any way to get the export to preserve the colors? Thanks,
  3. L

    Outlook 2016 What are the risks of opening an Outlook 2016 .pst file in Outlook 2010?

    I have Outlook 2016 on one (my main) computer. I'm going on holiday with a laptop with Outlook 2010. Can I copy the 2016 .pst file over to the 2010 for the holiday period, use it, and then copy it back again to the main computer without losing data? The file will not be used by both Outlooks...
  4. Microfiche

    Migration from Office 2016 H&B to Office 365

    We are in the process of migrating a number of users from Outlook 2016 home & business (using Office 365 Business Essentials) to Office 365 Business Premium. Our internet bandwidth is not the best, and our email databases are larger, so I was hoping to keep the OST files so we don't have to...
  5. K

    Outlook.com is not showing, or finding via search, all my Contacts (People)

    I have over 11,000 contacts (people) in my Outlook.com account (using Office 365 personal). I can see these Contacts in Outlook 2016 and when I view them on my Android phone in the native Contacts app. I can access these contacts from three different computers all using the Outlook client...
  6. Alex Cotton

    "invalid or unqualified reference" on code that should work

    Hello, I am reasonably experienced in using VBA for Excel, but new in Outlook. I copied some basic inbox new mail trigger code that should work. However, I get an "invalid or unqualified reference" refering to "item". Can someone please give me a pointer as to where to look. I have googled for a...
  7. M

    Quicken One Step Update Bill Reminders Not Syncing to Outlook

    This message "Either there is no default mail client or the current mail client cannot fulfill the messaging request. Please run Microsoft Outlook and set it as the default mail client." is appearing each time Quicken Home & Business 2018 does a One Step Update for bill reminders synced to...
  8. T

    Some of my folders in outlook.com appear to have vanished, thanks to v1803

    I accept the accepted protocols about NOT posting the same problem in more than one forum but I hope you will bear with me. I've had many problems with outlook since v1803 eg problem 1 and problem 2. I decided to take a break from them yesterday, a public holiday in the UK, and do some shopping...
  9. dyny723

    Outlook 2016: Code to link a contact to emails received from that contact

    Hello! I have done some investigating online and it sounds like MS removed the linking feature that allowed a user to link a contact card to the emails received or sent to that contact as well as appointments that included the contact. What I want to be able to do is link a contact so that...
  10. C

    Changed By field not displaying individual user's name in O365 Shared Mailbox

    Hi, We have recently migrated a large team from using on premise mail-enabled Public Folders to using an Office 365 Shared Mailbox for incoming mail from the public. The team relies heavily on the use of the "Changed By" field in Outlook to indicate which member of the team last dealt with an...
  11. icacream

    From Outlook 2007 to 2016 !

    hello, I just installed OUTLOOK 2016 on win10 catastrophic : it picked up all my folders and structure from gmail as well as old messages I kept on gmail but not on my PC with outlook 2007 now I have been having my own structure on outlook 2007 and never really took care of the one on gmail...
  12. Peter H Williams

    How to Move Mail item after processing

    It has been suggested that all my tasks be included in a VBA script rather than some items in the Outlook rule and others in the script. I am now trying to do just that. Put simply I take the Outlook.item (containing words in the Subject) and save the body to a file available for processing on...
  13. R

    Outlook 2016 How Do I insert images in and Auto Reply

    How do I insert an image in an Auto Reply Message in Outlook 2016? I tried using a template from a rule and when I got the auto reply i didn't see the image or signature inside.
  14. C

    2016 Outlook Certificate Problems

    1. On a brand-new home installation of Office 365 (currently 2016), I opened Outlook and created three new calendars, then copied the very nice Slipstick VBA macro to open Outlook at the calendar with two calendars selected, adapting the cases in the macro in the obvious way. It worked well...
  15. M

    Shortcut to another outlook item

    Hello, I moved from Outlook 2007 to 2016. In Outlook 2007 there was an option to insert item as a shortcut (shortcut to another outlook item). It was available in calendar type item - in attach/insert menu (it was not available in task type item attach/insert menu - in task there was only - as...
  16. J

    Outlook 2016 - Tasks View Settings Missing

    I use tasks extensively. I use custom fields and I use: Grouping, Sorting, Conditional Formatting, and Filtering, to customize my task lists. Grouping, Sorting, Conditional Formatting, and Filtering are usually available by right clicking on the column headers and selecting View Settings in...
  17. copperberry

    How to view all tasks across task folders

    Hello Diane, I am using Microsoft's new To-Do app on my Android phone. It syncs my tasks with my Outlook 2016 account beautifully! It also allows me to make "lists" of tasks on my phone which appear as task folders in Outlook. My question is: Is there a way in Outlook 2016 to create a view that...
  18. D

    Outlook 2016 How to handle filing of emails from an Inbox Subfolder to a specific Public folder

    Environment is Office 365/Outlook 2016: My client has recently noticed that when they go to manually move multiple emails from their Outlook inbox to a "project specific" Public Folder it hangs Outlook until the move process is completed. The more emails they select to move, the longer the user...
  19. C

    Search with Google Macro?

    Evidently, Outlook 2016's Smart Lookup feature is locked in to using Bing as the search engine. My question is would it be possible to write macro which adds an option to the context popup menu when text in an email is selected and right-clicked, that would allow us to search with Google - even...