outlook rules

  1. N

    Outlook Email Rule execution through shortcut keys (VBA codes)

    Hi All, I looking for suggestion for my following VBA code to execute all predefine MS outlook email rules. I have observed email rules can be executed by pressing shortcut keys (Alt+ h + rr + l + r + e + o + c ). However, my following VBA programme does not work well and it leave rule list...
  2. D

    Moving Emails Based on Recipient/Sender

    Greetings, I have what seems like should be an easy challenge but the simplistic "Outlook Rules" are not getting me all the way to my solution. I was hoping folks here could maybe help. I need to separate emails that are both from and to internal company people from emails that include...
  3. B

    Outlook 2013 Forward every other email in Outlook 2013

    Looking for some kind of script or code to run to forward every other incoming email that comes from a specific email address to a certain person. In other words, I get emails from bob@bob.com, and every other email needs to be forwarded to Dave, and every other email needs to be forwarded to...
  4. Ascar_CT

    Rule behavior analysis - any tools available?

    Hello, everyone. Spam continues to be problem #1. Spam filters are not coping - both inside Outlook client and on Outlook.com servers. I decided to use rules for deleting the spam messages and I created 3 rules - each looking for trigger words in the body, subject and sender's address. I am...