outlook vba

  1. R

    fetching blocked attachments

    I have adjusted windows registry to block certain attachments (xls, doc, xlsm, docm), so users won't accidentally, on auto pilot, execute an attachment, potentially harboring a malware. For those who are unaware, files carrying those extensions, can contain macro vba code. In my opinion...
  2. N

    VBA to delete duplicates by message-id on common pst for 2 or more emails

    Hi, I am running Outlook 2010 32-bit and I have a single PST for multiple POP3 email accounts (it works best for me to have all incoming emails in a single inbox and all emails i send into a single 'sent' folder). But many times, people send emails to more than one of my email accounts...
  3. L

    Moving emails with similar subject and find the timings between the emails using outlook VBA macro

    I want to move the emails from one folder to another folder based on the selection one of items in outlook. If i choose one email in outlook when i run the outlook VBA macro i want all similar subject of the email to be moved from that folder into another folder(we can sort by subject and move...
  4. Peter H Williams

    How to Move Mail item after processing

    It has been suggested that all my tasks be included in a VBA script rather than some items in the Outlook rule and others in the script. I am now trying to do just that. Put simply I take the Outlook.item (containing words in the Subject) and save the body to a file available for processing on...
  5. D

    send email from Excel using outlook template

    I found the macro that takes fields from excel and sends an email. I would like to create an email from an outlook template, populate fields from excel and save it as a draft. Here's the outlook/VBA macro - I'd like to pull from excel the following columns: Email Address, Meeting Date, First...