RE: Can't view any e-mails

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We have disabled AVG and are using another product as of 3 days ago. I am
still getting blanks as recently as tonight. Any idea? Is it the sender
using AVG? Is there any other alternatives?

"Faith" wrote:

> Yesterday I made some minor changes to Outlook and later I saw no text in
> messages just links. I have searched for an answer; saw your comments about
> AVG. I have 2007; don't know about/how to disable AVG;
> Appreciate some help. Faith
> "Jeff Wisler" wrote:
> > When I receive new email into Outlook 2007, the mail is received, but those
> > mail's messages are not. What causes all of my e-mails to be completely
> > blank and how do I fix it?


Brian Tillman

Senior Member
It doesn't matter what AV program you use. If you configure it to scan your
email you can have the problem.


I'm having this same issue. I have Outlook installed on a laptop running
Windows XP SP3, the same laptop running Windows 7 Ulitmate (the RTM version),
and on a desktop running Windows 7 RC.

I have AVG on the desktop, Avast on the laptop (XP) and nothing at all on
the Windows 7 boot. In AVG, I've unchecked the three settings that have to
do with e-mail (incoming scanning, outgoing scanning, and notification
window) but in the main UI, it shows "Not fully functional"

I've deleted the ost file that deals with the account, and this hasn't
changed anything. Since one of the computer does not have any AV installed,
I don't think my issue has to do with that (unless it's changing the header
on the hotmail server somehow). And it's not all of my e-mails. Also, if I
go to the hotmail website, I can read all of them perfectly.

Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Have a great day:)
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