one or more parameters not valid 2007 sending email

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Inertial Voom

After loading contacts into Business Contact Manager, I can not send emails

to any of my contacts,


I am having the exact same problem. All other functions seem to work. Also

cannot access "Email Accounts"

Inertial Voom


I resolved the problem, but it took a while to find the solution. You need

to go into contacts, select a contact list, and then right click and select

properties. Only in Outlook Master Folder CONTACTS, do you get a tab for the

specific contact folder called "Outlook Address book" in the folder. Also,

the first time I did this I needed to chose between .PST and the other one

used by the Business Contact Manager, I think BMC or MAPI, so chose .PST,

then check the box that says show this folder as an Outlook Email Address


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