exporting / importing 2k7 mailboxes accross forest



Im trying to export mailboxes in domain X 2k7 exchange server. Then import
them into domain Y 2k7 exchange server (Cross Forest)
I've installed the 32 bit management tools on a 32 bit system in domain Y. I
now need to know how to connect powershell to the exchange 2007 server domain
X ?
I need to connect to it so I can merge the mailboxes to a .pst. Then import
them into the other domain. Do I need a 32bit system with management tools in
each forest uggg ?

In addition
Can you also provide an example of a shell command to add security group
permissions to the information store. The SG will need the appropriate access
applied to each mailbox to be able to export the mailboxes.
I think its something like: add-ExportSecurityGroup <nameofSG> -role ??

Can you confirm?


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