Exchange 2007 - SCR target missing storage groups

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I have two E2K7 servers, one at the main site and the SCR target at the

remote site.

The SCR target has been working fine for a while but the other day I noticed

that there were no storage groups listed in EMC for that server.

I checked the status of SCR for both storage groups it reported 'Healthy'.

The log files are being copied over and from what I can tell being merged

into the databases for each storage group. However, the log files are not

being deleted.

The Information Store service will not start in the SCR target. It reports

"Error 0x8004010f starting the Microsoft Exchange Information Store. Failed

to load Storage Group Data.' Event ID 9564.

That is the only error reported even if I enable Expert logging on


A few people had a similar error that was resolved by disabling their AV but

they also had additional errors that I don't have.

I then used ADSIEdit to see what it contains and for the live E2K7 server my

storage groups are listed but for the SCR target there are no entries under


I've tried creating a new MMC for Exchange but that didn't work.

Is this correct or have these entries been lost? Should I try to recreate


What else might be the cause of this error and my missing storage groups?

No changes to this server AFAIK.

Thanks :)

Mike Shen


I think that the issue may occur if you have no permission to read the

related Storage Group and Store AD objects or these object missed.

Therefore, I suggest you:

1. Check whether AD replication issue exists. You can have Adsiedit.msc

tool to connect to separate DC to check whether the Storage Group and Store

AD objects can be located

2. Check whether the permission is configured correctly on Target Exchange

Server object and inherit to sub-object. You can compare the permission

setting on the source server and the target server

3. I suggest you create a storage group and mailbox store to check whether

the issue can be solved.