Backing up Exchange 2007 LCR/SCR storage groups

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Hi All,
We run full backups of Exchange 2007 every night as usual including the
storage groups.

Our storage groups are enabled for LCR to the local disk, as well as SCR to
a target machine. Test-replicationhealth reports no errors, and the queues
are all at 50 so I dont see any issues from that perspective.

What I have noticed since I started working here a few months back (and now
on our test network as well) is that when you do a full backup of the storage
group on the SCR source box (which truncates logs), you shortly get errors
about missing log files in the event viewer. Event ID 915 (there were X log
files missing from databasepath that we attempted to truncate).

This error only occurs after a full backup of the stores.. any other time of
the day or night its fine.

My question is whether or not this is cause for concern, or should I be
doing copy backups of the stores, and letting t he replication system take
care of truncating log files? Our test network was left without backups for
several days, but logs just accumulate.

I cant really find anything from MS about this sort of issue or what the
correct procedure is for backing up an SCR and LCR source database.

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