Help with merging emails from a backup.

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Due to a faulty CD/DVD-burner my desktop was away for a couple of days from
September 9th. On my desktop I have Outlook 2003 but not on my laptop.
However, using webmail I was able send and recieve emails from my laptop.

Well, when the desktop get back on September 14th (disks were exchanged to
disks with larger capacity as well) I opened Outlook and all the emails on
the mailserver was fetched. At the same time I made a backup of the
Outlook-files (.pst) on the net. Sad to say, the desktop has to be sent in
again and this time there was made a new installation of XP Pro on the
C-disk. Now, I had the "old" disk left and a good friend of mine helped me to
get the machine working again without having to reinstall all my 237
programs. On that disk there were emails up to September 9.

Problem: during the second time the desktop was away - allmost 14 days - a
lot of emails were sent and recieved. When I got my desktop working again I
had in mind to use/transfer the backup (.pst-files up to September 14th) to
the desktop and then open Outlook and thereby fetching all the emails (from
September 15th to September 27th) on the mailserver.

However, I did a mistake. Browsing and seeing a very interesting page I
decided to send a link not thinking of that I thereby started Outlook! So now
all the emails on the mailserver are gone - they are on my desktop! But how
do I deal with the emails between the date I sent in my computer the first
time and send it back (i.e. between September 9 - September 14)? All those
emails reside on the backup.

Summing up:
On desktop: emails up to September 27th (excluding September 9-14th)
On backup (net): emails up to September 14th.

How to I "merge" those two to have an Inbox covering the actual period
September 9-27th.

Any suggestions how to deal with this are very much appreciated. Sorry for
the lenghty post!

Brian Tillman

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"berane" <berane> wrote in message

> How to I "merge" those two to have an Inbox covering the actual period
> September 9-27th.

Open the "backup" PST containing the messages in the period you describe, open
the folder containing them, select them with Ctrl-A, then copy them to the
folder holding all the other messages.

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