How-to Mail Merge with an attachment?

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I'm trying to do a BCM Marketing Campaign of an article I wrote, distributed

by Outlook email, with a mailmerge letter in Word for the cover letter and a

> .pdf attached file for the article. In other words, I need the following


1. Cover email personalized with Dear <<first>> as the salutation;

2. Distributed via BCM Marketing Campaign function so I can automate sending

and track results;

3. Attached file on each email.

It seems that when I use the Outlook delivery method I can attach the file

but cannot customize the salutation line.

But when I use the Word mailmerge delivery method I can customize the

salutation but cannot attach a file to the email.

How do I solve this?

Thank you.


Ok, no answers. Do I have to sign up or pay a membership fee to get an

answer on this board? But I found a script called Outlook Mail Merge

Attachment.vbs that works fine.


This is the most ridiculous catch 22 I've ever come across.

i specifically use outlook and NOT Thunderbird because of the business

contact manager, but this one simple yet crucial item, no one has an answer

on how to solve.
Not open for further replies.