Event ID 7519 - The originating IP address could not be determined based on its Received headers

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Event ID 7519 (The originating IP address of message with ID
xxxx@domain.com> could not be determined based on its Received headers.) is
logged in several times a day on my Exchange server. The messages originate
from a server that's defined in the Perimeter IP List and Internal IP Range
Configuration. I tried comparing the headers of a message that causes the
event with a message that does not (both coming from the same server) and
they're virtually identifcal. The problem is that the messages sometimes
end up in the recipient's junk folder because Exchange/IMF can't determine
whether the message came from a "trusted" IP or not. How do I troubleshoot
this? 80%-90% emails coming from that same server are not causing the event
to be triggered.

Thanks! :)