What is the Best Way to Backup Gmail using Outlook 2007 with IMAP?

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In our family we have 5 active Gmail accounts. We all travel extensively and

access mails using 7 different PCs and laptops at different times and from

different locations. Last year we changed over from POP to IMAP and uploaded

more than 12 years of e-mails to the Gmail server. 10+Gb took more than 2

days to complete but this has been more than compensated by all the time

saved filing etc..

We love the flexibility and ease of access of Outlook 2007 "synchronized"

with IMAP . . . The filters (and automatic labelling) in Gmail are other

great time savers. We also extensively use the Outlook address book and

calendars synced with our Blackberries.

However, we would feel more secure if we had at least one complete backup.

It would also be more convenient (quicker to respond and less time to wait

to download etc.) if we had a copy of each mail, and its attachments,

available on each computer.

Is there any way to maintain IMAP but force Gmail to download every mail

(and attachment) into Outlook 2007? In this way the PST file would be the

backup and easy to backup further by copying across to each computer in turn.

Many thanks in advance.
Since the Gmail folder within Outlook is simply another pst, you can use the
free outlook backup addin, available on MS outlook site - or any other
backup tool

I'm not sure as to why your IMAP account has not downloaded all mail, mine
certainly has


Re: What is the Best Way to Backup Gmail using Outlook 2007 with I

Thank you.

Do you know how to force Gmail/Outlook 2007to download copies of all of the

e-mails? Did you do something special when you set up IMAP? As far as I know

I haven't changed any of the default settings.
Re: What is the Best Way to Backup Gmail using Outlook 2007 with I

I simply set up gmail,imap, within OL and all mail was downloaded, I hadnt
previously uploaded any mail to gmail, from any other source

When you visit a folder, all of the mesages in it should be downloaded. If
you include the gmail account in the Send/Receive Group and specify that the
entire message should be downloaded and then subscribe to all of the folders,
they should all be checked each send/receive interval and any new medssages



Re: What is the Best Way to Backup Gmail using Outlook 2007 with I

Many thanks Brian . . . this makes eminent sense and has helped me locate the

problem (and the solution).

Unbeknown to me, only one of the computers was set to download everything.

However, it probably explains why its connection to the IMAP server kept

getting disconnected before it could download many of the messages (don't

know but can only presume because the total files were so large.)

I've now set it up to do a few folders at a time . . . it appears to be

working because the pst files are increasing in size. However, it is taking

forever, because, although the 5 Gmail addresses total about 10Gb, Gmail has

many duplicates (and even triplicates) because of the "All mail" and "Sent

Mail" labels/folders (e.g. the largest Gmail account of 5.9Gb is already at

9.2Gb in Outlook and still increasing).

One more question, is it possible to rename the pst files associated with

the IMAP and force Outlook 2007 to associate with the new file? It worked

previously with POP but with IMAP it appears to start a new file.

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