Outlook 2007 move rule to pst strips email body

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I've seen this poroblem mentioned here and on various other support boards

across the internet but no one seems to have come up with a solution (or at

lteast posted a followup to their question with what they did to fix it).

Recently upgraded multiple clients to Outlook 2007. They have rules that

move incoming email from inbox to pst folders on local machine. When email

is moved the email body is irretrievably stripped and deleted. If the email

stays in the mailbox (no rule) then the body is visible and safe. If the

email is manually moved to the PST successfully moves. If a rule is made to

copy and delete original, then the body is visible and safe. Only during a

move is the body deleted. We would just tell people to redo their rules as

copy/delete but some users have upwards of 15 rules performing moves and it

is a pain. With move available as an option, one would expect it would work.

Things tried:

1) Disable AV mail scanning.

2) Create new PST

3) Create new rule

4) Install the new SP2 for Office (which does speed up Outlook nicely BTW).

So, anyone have any ideas?
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