Non-English national characters removed from subject field inExchange 2003?




We have an application which submits the same messages, via SMTP, to
two different mailbox servers: one Exchange 2003 server and one Linux-
based server. Some of the messages have national characters from other
European languages aside from English, e.g., é, ç, etc.

Unfortunately, when these messages arrive in Exchange mailboxes, the
national characters are completely missing from the subject field
(missing, not replaced by other chars); in the Linux mailboxes, the
subjects are complete. In both cases, the message text and any
attachments are unaffected.

Can anyone suggest why the characters are missing in Exchange subjects

We're using a mixture of generic IMAP clients, Outlook 2002 and 2003.
Results are the same in all clients, it depends on the mailbox server.
The same messages are sent, separately, to each mailbox server.


- Alan.


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