Outlook 2010 public folder conflicts

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I recently upgraded to Outlook 2010 and noticed I started getting conflict messages. It happens when several users try to update a public folder item within a short amount of time…which leads me to believe that whatever is in our public folders is no longer “live”. I also noticed that changes I was making in a contact public folder weren't appearing if I went to look at them on another computer. Also the little blue double arrow symbol next to the public folder periodically changes to a sharing hand (never happened before). Any advice you could give would be greatly appreciated.

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Are they in public folder favorites? Open your account (File, Accounts) and check more settings - See if the folder is being cached.

Thanks for the quick reply! Yes, they are in public folder favorites. In more settings...Cached Exchange Mode Settings, Use Cached Exchange Mode is checked, but Download Shared Folders and Download Public Folder Favorites is not. Should they all be checked or unchecked?

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The behavior sounds like they are being cached already. If they aren't cached, you'll get the folder contents live each time you view them. Does anyone have them cached?

The folder icon is the sharing hand when they are in PF favorites, a double ended arrow otherwise. I'm not sure why the icon would be changing.
I know what you mean by it seems like they are being cached. When I look at the favorites folders they all have the number of unread items next to them. Does that mean they are cached? I looked at my users settings and they all have Use Cached Exchange Mode is checked, but Download Shared Folders and Download Public Folder Favorites is not.

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No, the count doesn't = cached. The count is available on all public folder favorites. The folder's Properties, Sync tab should say never synced/offilne unavailable too.

Was exchange also updated? How many exchage servers do you have? I'm wondering if there are two or more PF servers and they aren't in sync.

Have you checked the sync errors folder?


I do a lot of Outlook applications development and noticed a problem or BUG with Outlook 2010 and Public Folders.

This is a problem that I can only reproduce in Outlook 2010 Public Folders. I have not seen it occur in Outlook 2007, 2003 nor 2000.

Any time a MAIL item is opened, edited and saved, a conflict is generated.

If the sequence is that Mail is opened, closed, then open, edited and saved, no conflict occurs.

This is a simple problem to reproduce.

1) Create a public folder for a group of users

2) Move some mail into the folder

3) Then on another users computer and Outlook 2010 session, open then email

4) Edit the subject

5) Close the email and save.

6) A conflict shows up.

The thing I observed is that the 1st time a Mail item is opened then closed the Modified Date Time changes. The 2<sup>nd</sup> time the Mail item is opened then closed, the modified date Time does NOT change.

To observe this…

1) add the Modified datetime to your view and sort descending by Modified Datetime

2) open an unread mail for the 1<sup>st</sup> time. Choose something near the bottom of the list.

3) Close the item. No Save dialog should appear.

4) You’ll notice the item move to the top of the list.

5) Wait 1 full minute.

6) Open the same email and close it. You will notice the time does not change.

The conflict reports that the same users has updated the same item, and that there are multiple edits.

Anyone have a work around for this problem?
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