She HAS to have a 9GB .PST file???

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One of my clients is running Outlook 2007. As she explains it, she HAS to have regular access to about 65,000 messages all filed away in folders in her inbox. She's very organized, it's just that she has SO MANY messages. Naturally, she's experiencing a huge lack of stability while running outlook. Crashes, freezes, etc.

We've tried to archive but she still needs to regularly access, respond to and file away messages in the archive file.

Any ideas? Is there a better solution for someone who needs to routinely deal with so many messages and such a huge .PST file? We can't be the first people to deal with this issue.



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Let's do the math first... Assuming she spends every working hour doing nothing but looking at messages for 1 min each, she could only view 19200 in a 40 hour work week.... so, while she wants easily access the messages if needed, she's not accessing *all* 65,000 with any regularity. Some could be archived...

How many are in the Inbox? Some users find its better to keep the inbox fairly clean (~3000 messages) with only the messages currently being worked in it and other messages in a subfolder, either under the inbox or under another folder. (You don't want a lot of folders at the inbox level either.)

How old are the messages in the pst?

I would move older, less frequently accessed messages to a new pst - it can stay in the profile so the messages are still easy to access, but a smaller default pst will be more stable. While i don't recommend using too many pst (or too many folders), she can have multiple pst files if it makes for more logical filing. She's using 2007, so Instant Search can search all pst in the profile.

Some people like to archive by year, I prefered to do it by project. Every project had a folder and when the project was finished and the client happy, I moved the folder to the archive pst. About once a month i looked over the list of folders and moved ones i hadn't looked at during the last 30 days. This took more effort on my part, but kept all the associated messages together in the folder rather than split between two pst as autoarchive would do.

Autoarchive will use the same folder structure in the archive, so it does work for some people - something like archiving all messages last modified 1 yr ago might work for her. If you can get the pst size down, autoarchiving every 3 months (or less frequently) might be good enough.

One more thing to consider - attachments. If she recieves large attachments, removing them can reduce the pst size without moving messages.
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