Outlook 2010 Junk mail filter not working on multiple pop3 accounts


I have multiple pop3 accounts configured - they each have different incoming servers. Junk Mail Filter is set to high, yet no junk is filtered out of one of the accounts. Cannot figure out why or what to do.


I know it's a slightly older thread, but it doesn't seem to matter if your accounts are in the same or a different PST. It splits out the Junk Mail lists per account, even if they're all in the same profile & going to the same Inbox in the same PST.

Wish it could be disabled... more work to keep it all matched up.


How do you select the other account's setting when you use one pst?

If you fully open the email itself, the Junk drop down should show you the settings for that particular account.

If you do it from the Inbox, it shows you the Default account for the PST.

So the easier way is to just open the email & access the Junk options.

The other way is to go into the account settings, set a new default account, go back to the Inbox to access the Junk options, & then go back to the accounts to set the default back to what you want it to be.

I started a seperate thread posing the question about a way to configure a global junk list, but I'm not sure it can be done without an add-in or something more advanced like that now....