How to search multiple folder in address book?

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Lynn Singer

Hello -

I created several different contact folders in my Address Book in Outlook. Often I need to search for an email, but am not sure what folder it is in. When I open the Address Book and type in a name in the search box it only allows me to search in a specific folder. There are many folder, so to search for the email through each one is time consuming.

If I can search all of the folders at once I will be able to quickly access emails. How can I do this?


Brian Tillman

Senior Member
The Address Book in Outlook doesn't contain anything. You must look in your Contacts folders. Use Advanced Find to look for your contacts in your multiple Contacts folders.

Ben M. Schorr [MVP]

Is it really a contact that you're trying to find or e-mail? If you're searching for an e-mail why are you looking in your "address book"? Perhaps you mean you wish to search across your e-mail folders for messages sent by a particular person? If so, check Advanced Find (CTRL+SHIFT+F) to search your e-mail folders.

If you do this a lot you might consider installing Windows Desktop Search or Copernic Desktop or other similar desktop search app to index your e-mail so that you can search it more quickly and easily. Or upgrade to Outlook 2007 (or the forthcoming 2010) which have a much better story around searching both e-mail and contacts.

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