Calendar in Outlook 2007 keeps erasing all of my appointments older than 4 weeks??

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The calendar of my outlook 2007 continually erases all of my past appointments that are older than a month or so. Essentially my entire calender from the past year is blank except for the past month. This keeps happening. I'll fill up appointments for March and eventually all my Feb appts will be lost as they become more than 4 weeks in the past. I looked in the archive folder and there is nothing I can find. I played with the settings and options and can't figure out what is going on. Please HELP!!


Ben M. Schorr [MVP]

A few possibilities:

1. Do you have a filtered view that shows current month only? Go to View | Current View and change the view to any other view than the one you have applied now. Scroll back to see if the older appointments appear again.

2. Do you have any other devices (mobile? laptop?) that sync with this calendar?

3. Right-click the calendar folder on the Navigation Pane, choose Properties and look at the AutoArchive tab. What does it say?

Do you have Service Pack 2 for Office 2007 installed? (

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