Distribution List won't connect to email

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I created a distribution list, something I've done before with no problem. I'm using a computer new to me and when I created this distribution list, it shows up in my contacts as I saved it and everything seems fine. However, when I try to click the "New Message to Contact" icon or simply open a new email and select the List as my "To" It doesn't recognize it. It will put in the name of the list "Karen's Prospects" but it won't actually share the information from my contacts to my email.

I hope this makes sense, and further more i hope some smarty pants out there can help me, please!!



Ben M. Schorr [MVP]

If you open the Distribution List can you confirm that it actually contains valid e-mail addresses?


Surya Prasad Vemulapalli

Try to expand the distribution list in the "to:" bar and check if it displays the email addresses.

try creating a smaller distribution list and check if it works



Yes, I know the email addresses are valid, I use them all the time. Also, if I open the distribution list under the contacts folder (as opposed to mail) I can copy and paste them into the BCC and send it off no problem.


That's part of the problem. Let me explain in greater detail:

1. New Mail

2. BCC: (opens to window "select names")

3. I can not choose this distribution list as an option.

4. However, I close that window and go to my Contacts folder.

5. Distribution list saved as "EProspects" is there.

6. Open up "EProspects" 37 email addresses appear

7. Select icon "New Message to Contact" does not transfer list to email. Instead...opens email with "EProspects" in To: Line, but not as an actual expandable list. It simply says "EProspects" Even if I sit there or try to send it anyway, it says "Please enter Valid email"

8. Try a different distribution list from contacts folder...works fine.

I hope this is a little more clear. On the second part of your answer, I have dist. lists with 50+ contacts that work, could 37 really be creating a problem?


Diane Poremsky

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I don't think its so much that 37 is a problem and 50 isn't but that the DL is corrupt. Can you open it and choose Forward and vcard? open the attached text file, copy the list of names/addresses and paste into a new dl and see if the new one works.

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