RECOVERING outlook contacts after changing mail account settings !

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THis I hope has a simple solution... I have been using outlook for a couple of months synced to my hotmail account.

I got a new email account with a domain I created and changed the settings to direct to it... so my contacts have disappeared. I spent hours sorting the contacts and don't want to lose them. I have re-created another outlook profile linked to the hotmail account again and the emails are synced again but the contacts did not come back with the sorting and categorization or additions by the looks of it.



Roady [MVP]

Did you also keep your contacts in your Hotmail account?
Do they still show in your Hotmail account when you logon via the web?

If so, make sure you make a connection to your Hotmail account in Outlook via the Outlook Hotmail Connector;

If not, it is probably because you stored your contacts in a separate pst-file.
To reconnect to any previous pst-file you might had, use;
File-> Open-> Outlook Data File...

Note that there is no need to create a separate mail profile just for adding an account. A single mail profile can hold multiple mail accounts.

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