Problem: indexing Emails / missing authorizations

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hopefully one can help. I posted this problem in the german windows help forum, but none knew what can be done. I am receiving incomplete search results when I do an email or contact search within Outlook 2007. The issue occured somehere around last summer for the first time.

When I use the built in problem detection within Windows 7 - Indexing, I receive the following error report:


Datenverzeichnis von Windows Search Verzeichnis: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Search\Data\

Vom Benutzer gemeldete Probleme

Problemtyp: EmailMissingProblem

Before we tried various things: rebuilding the index, deleting entries in the registry etc.pp. ( )

Deleting the registry entries first seemed to help, but after a couple of days the problem was again the same as before. I could imagine, that there are deeper going issues with authorizations in general. I remember, that the were some issue on file level when I used Windows Vista Ultimate ..... I upgraded from Vista to Windows 7 without a clean reinstall.

Can anyone give me some hints, please. I don´t know what else could be done.

P.S.: I have also an Outlook add-in installed called XOBNI ... but some problem with the search. Could imagine that Lookeen would also not bring any advantage. ... anyhow, I only need the rudimentary search function within Outlook.


Guruprasad Ra

Try the steps given below to enable the normal search in Outlook 2007:

Open Outlook > click on Tools > Options > Search options > remove all the checkmarks on the current window

Close and reopen Outlook to fetch the correct search results.

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