Appointment REMINDERS keep popping up even though appointment has been deleted!

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I had created a few calendars in Outlook 2007 to keep track of different things. I have since deleted those calendars but the reminders keep popping up! Its so frustrating because the appointments have long been deleted. I dont know how else to get rid of these reminders. I have tried the /clearreminders, /clearfolders and /cleanfreebusy switches. And still nothing. Please help!!

Brian Tillman

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There is no /clearreminders or /clearfolders command switch. There are /cleanreminders and /resetfolders command switches, but the latter doesn't apply to your situation. Please try spelling the switch properly to see if it will work.


Yes, those are what I used. I couldnt remember EXACTLY what they were at the time I created my post, but what you replied with is what I tried.

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