Cannot recover my Outlook 2007 pst Files after using MS Backup and Restore

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I have just recently had to do a complete restore of Vista back onto my home computer. I did a full backup through the backup and restore wizard that comes with Vista 64 bit version and saved everything to an external hard drive.

I have been able to load everything back on O.K. except for the outlook files. I cannot access or sure how to do it. The backup files has 4 folders with outlook files in them. 1st folder has archive1 -7 files, 2nd folder has archive1 - 3 files, 3rd folder has Outlook.pst -9 files, 4th folder has 1 file- Outlook.pst file, 5th folder has no files. The folders are all RAR files.

When I try to import them through outlook wizard I go to Import from another program<personal folder file(pst.)<browse=G: file location and have no files in folder. If I click on all files they are there. So cannot import. what do I need to do.

I have been to show hidden files and clicked on this and also unchecked hide extensions and hide protected operating system files.

Still cannot see any files.

Can you please help me out with this as I now have no email, contacts, or calendar from my previous outlook.


Ben M. Schorr [MVP]

Sounds to me like you need to run the Restore utility and restore those files back to your hard drive. You won't be able to open or import .RAR files in Outlook.


Hi Ben,

thanks for the fast resopnse.

I have tried to restore those files only but can not do it.

The penny finally dropped with your response.

I have been trying to move files directly from my external drive and then suddenly realised that once in the advanced restore section when I click on the backup file and go into Add Files. That I am then actually in the files that were on my computer at that time. So by going to C<users<(myname)<app<local<microsoft<outlook. I then had all my outlook files in front of me and added all these files to be restored only and copied over the files to find that everything was back to the way that was needed.

It is easy when we are nudged in the right direction.

Thank you so much for your response it really is appreciated.