Outlook Calender Appointments don't all sync with Outlook Mobile on new htc HD2 phone using Active Sync 4.5.

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I have a brand new htc HD2. I downloaded and installed Active Sync 4.5. After connecting the phone to the computer using the USB cable, the sync process proceeded with no errors. When I opened Mobile Outlook only about half of my appointments transfered (e.g. of six appointments for today in Outlook only three made it onto my phone; of three appointments for Saturday zero appointments made it on to the phone etc.) All of my other Outlook data (Contacts, Tasks, Email, and Notes) synchronized OK.

Niranjan I K

Create a new appointment in outlook and check if that synchronizes fine. If yes, then there might be some issue/corruption in the appointments that do not sync. Try to recreate them.

Note: Take a backup of all your data in outlook as well as your device before doing any troubleshooting steps.

Additionally, you may try creating a new partnership between outlook and your device.


Diane: I can't see any pattern or similarities. It seems random (to me).

Nuranjan: The corruption idea seems plausible. I've been using Outlook for several years and syncing with a Palm Treo 650.

I found that if I open and re-save an appointment, then the "new" instance will sync on the HD2. With recurring appointments if I also open and recommit the recurrence, and then re-save the appointment it will sync with the smartphone.

It's a bit tedious, and very frustrating to have this kind of problem right "out of the box" but, perhaps it will get better as I enter new appointments and the old ones expire.

Regards, Larry