Can I print multiple Outlook calendars together (mine, my wife's and my son's) ?

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I have my calendar, my wife's calendar and our son's calendar in Outlook. I keep them as separate calendars so that I can view, update and print them separately. Soccer games. Frequent travel. Etc. Outlook allows me to VIEW them all at the same time (overlayed on top of each other). It doesn't allow (that I can find) me to PRINT them all as one calendar. I don't want to physically merge them (as in an export/import) because they change frequestly and I would end up with multiple events and a giant syncing problem! IF the print dialog allowed me to select multiple calendars to print (now it only allows for 1 of the 3 to be printed at a time) that wowld do it. There may be other or simpler solutions. Anyone have a clue, a macro or add-in that can accomplish this? -- Thanks


Roady [MVP]

You can do this by using the Calendar Printing Assistant which is a free tool from Microsoft.

After starting the application, click the "Add Calendars and Tasks..." button in the left bottom corner to add the calendars and then select your printing template.

Robert Sparnaaij [MVP-Outlook]

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