Saving past appointments on the calendar.

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Yoda - BAX

How can I retain my prior appointments on the calendar for more than 60 days?

Appointments drop off of my calendar about 60 days after the appointment. i need to save the past appointments on the calendar for reconciliation, billing, expenses, travel logs, etc.

Is there a way to keep these appointments on the calendar for extended periods of time or until deleted?

Brian Tillman

Senior Member

The thing to do is right-click your Calendar, choose Properties, select the AutoArchive tab, and make sure autoarchive is disabled for the folder. The next thing to do if you sync with a handheld like a Blackberry, is to modify the retentions settings on the device so that it retains and synchs all past events. If you don't, it will remove the past events from Outlook when you sync it.

Yoda - BAX

Where do I find the retention settings on the Blackberry? I am using Blackberry Desktop Manager and an 8830 World Edition.

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