BIG problem with MS Office Outlook 2010 Beta.

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John Borz

I was invited to try MS Office 2010 Beta I think back in February, which I did. (I previouly had used both the 2007 and 2003 versions.) Most of the applications work fine--Word, Exel, etc. This was not the case with Outlook, however, which tended to "freeze up" periodically and required re-starts. I could live with that, but then about four days ago Outlook stopped working completely. When I start up Outlook, a box tells me that "there is no email associated with it." (I have/had five email addresses in Outlook, with Hotmail my primary address.) Needless to say, I went to the "File" tab to check my account setups. In the file tab, under information, it says that an upgrade is in progress which may take up to 15 minutes--BUT THAT WAS FOUR DAYS OR SO AGO! It also indicates that I need to upgrade Outlook connector, but when I do it says I already have it. Everything in the "File" tab is essentially "frozen." It won't allow me to check any of the account settings. I have re-booted and re-started dozens of times with no success. I have executed the "repair" function for this application in the Control Panel without success. I would try re-installing, but apparently I can no longer download this beta version. Any suggestions? Otherwise, I believe I will need to uninstall and re-install my 2007 MS Office.

Ezil Vinoth

Office 2010 beta is no longer available for download.

This issue may occur if Outlook 2010 beta starts using Word 2007 as the email editor. For detailed information on this issue, refer to the following thread link:

If the setup file for Office 2010 is unavailable consider using Office 2007.

Note: you may receive a prompt to configure a new Outlook profile in Outlook 2007 after downgrading from Outlook 2010 beta. The steps to create a new profile in Outlook are given here. Ensure to reconnect the target PST files with the current Outlook profile.
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