Smartphones and Microsoft Outlook Calendar

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Since I had to give up my Palm PDA (Z22) ....Reason: Will not Sync w/ Win 7...Palms solution: Purchase a Palm OS Smartphone...ex:palm Pre Plus/Palm Pixi Plus, which they say will be able to sync with Outlook ( 2007 ) Calendar &/or Windows Live Calendar....

Can anyone VERIFY this ?????

Or suggest another Phone ande/or PDA

Roady [MVP]

Palm does not offer a sync application to sync directly with your computer. It can sync with on-line accounts/services such as from Microsoft Exchange, Gmail and Facebook, POP3 and IMAP.

For a direct computer sync, you'll require a 3rd party syncing application which is compatible with Outlook and Palm webOS.

There are many other phone vendors out there which offer a phone with a syncing application for Outlook. For an overview of syncing applications see;
Sync Outlook with mobile device

Steve Tippit

Where can i find the instructions on how to sync my phone with my company's Microsoft Exchange? I was used to my windows mobile phone that i just plugged into my computer and it synced. I can't anywhere it tells you how the online sync works. Would appreciate any help you could provide! Thanks! Steve
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