Outlook Public Folder Calendars - issues with colour categories

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Dear Outlook Gurus,

We are perplexed! We use Outlook 2007 (on Exchange 2003). We have several staff who are responsible for maintaining a group of meeting rooms that we have put in Outlook Public Folders as calendars. One staff member takes the bulk of the calls, and he adds a room booking in the public folder calendar for that room. He applies a colour category to that booking and copies that into another public folder calendar for "All Room bookings".

However, when the other staff who have access to these public folder calendars have a look at these calendars, the colour-category is not displayed for them. This is a problem, as the colour indicates the booking is OK to proceed (ie. room setup, catering and equipment have been checked).

I thought when changes are made to the Public Folder calendars all staff who can access it (especially those who can modify it) would see such things including colour categories. Weird!!

Any idea why these other staff who are looking at the same calendars in Public Folders are not seeing the colour coding? Yes, they can work around it themselves, but they have to first verify with the booker that all is OK and add the colour categories again, which is all extra work (and adds to confusion).

Any wisdom you can reveal on the above would be appreciated :)

Kind regards JD2

Diane Poremsky

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Categories should be on the meetings but colors assigned to them are per user. You'll need to 1) add the category to each person's master category list and 2) assign the colors. This might help:http://www.codetwo.com/freeware/catman/


Hi Diane,

Thanks for pointing us in the right direction :)

Regards JD2



I wonder is it not possible to capture the regkeys for this colour scheme and just change them on login? That would be my preferred route. I don't want to install software just to run a colour scheme.

Has anyone experience of this?

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