Outlook 2007 - cannot delete a contact folder that was created during an import from excel.

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Tami Eaton

I imported a Excel workbook that contained a mailing list from Excel in Office 2007. The import would not import each row as a contact but imported each cell as a contact. Now I want to delete the folder. But the options when I right click on the folder for delete is grayed out. Is there someplace specify that I can delete the folder? I have another contact list other than the default and I have the capablity to rename or delete that folder. I tried deleting all of the contacts but cannot delete the folder. Any ideas?


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You can't delete or rename the default folders (Contacts, Tasks, Calendar, Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items, etc.) in Outlook.(P.S. Please don't forget to mark this post as an answer if it has helped you)


Russ Valentine

Specify more precisely how you created this folder. The Import Wizard doesn't uusually create new folders by itself. What information store are you using?Russ Valentine
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