Unable to edit a field in Detailed Address Card in Contacts

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I use the Detailed Address Card in contacts as my current view. I have gone in and modified this to add fields that I need to see up front in this view without opening the contact. One of them is from the "ALL NOTES FIELD" called "Subject".

Previously I had been able to go to the contacts with this modified view of the detailed address card and change (right there - without actually opening the contact) the text entered in the "Subject" field. I no longer can edit the information in that field. I do not get any error codes, just a beep when I try to delete a letter or type a letter

Can anyone help? I have made sure the field is set up as text. If I create a new field to replace the "subject" field, I lose the information already in that field for each contact.




Sachin Shetty

Are you able to edit any other field in contacts? Or is that happening to a specific contact. Did you use any custom form to create the field?


I can edit all the other fields without a problem, even the user defined fields I generated. I did not use a custom form to create the field, the field already existed in the "all notes" category. This problem happens with all of my contacts not just one or two.


Sue Mosher - Outlook MVP

Have you tried using the All Contact Fields list, rather than All Notes Fields?